“This band was unlike anything I’ve heard, in a really good way. They were funky, in a subtle manner, but the band’s thesis was all about dense electro sounds perfectly blended with hip-hop. The man behind the synthesizers [ADAM GOLD] was dialing in all sorts of rich textured sounds on his analog synthesizer, while the emcee [JACK BROWN] was rapping with a deft vocabulary and the drummer [EMANUEL WASHINGTON] was holding down those sly, snare-clapping hip-hop rhythms. The entire set was filled with high energy and the dancefloor was being torn up by everyone.”



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What's On Tap?

Tap 1: PBR

Tap 2: Budweiser

Tap 3: Stella Artois

Tap 4: Goose Island Summer Ale

Tap 5: Guinness

Tap 6: Bier DFG

Tap 7: Stone Go To IPA

Tap 8: Bells Two Hearted

Tap 9: Bells Oberon

Tap 10: Bells Double Cream Stout

Tap 11: Bells Best Brown Ale

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